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The following is a list of episodes from the – television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the – The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. In fact, the case itself points right at the guilty party due to a few newly printed initials on it. After Elliott is caught red-handed, host Hitchcock returns for his final comments and informs the audience that dingbat Hazel has also been arrested as an accessory to murder. Buy high-quality alfred hitchcock iPhone cases from our community of independent artists and iconic brands. Each alfred hitchcock iPhone case ships within 24 hours .

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Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Hide Spoilers. Hitchcoc 5 July This is an episode where the central figure acts in the most outrageous way to get what he wants and realizes he is now alfred hitchcock iphone case with more problems than he can imagine.

He murders a woman's husband because she has, in a random way, said she would like to be rid of him. Her pursuer needs her to ally with him, to keep the police from finding out. She alibis him and all is well. Well, not really. While she may be a prize physically, she is a knucklehead. She is totally spoiled and lacking in any sense of reality. She becomes fixated on an alligator case that was in the car of her late husband the night he was murdered.

She sets herself and her new friend up for suspicion by insisting on getting the case back. The detective notices that she is more upset about the case than the death of her husband. Well, you get the picture. The Sword of Damocles hangs over the murderer and her fixation is going to bring them down.

Not without merit. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. LCShackley 29 November Here's a fine example of one of the most common plot types on AHP: a murderer gets caught because of a tiny detail.

In several deftly-written scenes, we watch their relationship disintegrate from illicit passion to boredom and disgust. Hazel Court and Don Taylor who directed this episode were married a few years after this was filmed. Perhaps someone can tell us whether this episode was the occasion of their first meeting. It's not a masterpiece, alfred hitchcock iphone case.

How could any half-hour show on television in the 50s have been a masterpiece? They were ground out like hamburgers. Yet, it's nicely written and professionally executed. Denholm Elliot is especially effective as a man who murders the husband of the woman he loves. A momentary fit of remorse and she's as happy as he is.

The problem is that she's a terribly spoiled woman. Elliot left the body in alfred hitchcock iphone case car that contained some of her own effects, alfred hitchcock iphone case, including an expensive crocodile suitcase she'd just bought.

She pesters Elliot and the police about it, to the point of endangering their scheme. The growing spats between Elliot and his new wife are engaging but a bit extended, perhaps five minutes too much.

After a year or so, the crocodile case turns up at the scene of fencing process, along with many other stolen goods. Elliot is asked by the police to identify the case. He rejects the crocodile case shown to him because, as he emphatically states, his wife's had her initials on the side.

This is a big mistake on Elliot's part. Without his having any way of knowing it, alfred hitchcock iphone case, the case had just had those initials applied before the murder victim picked it up from the shop. No one could have known about the initials except the murderer, alfred hitchcock iphone case. The episode ends with a close up of Elliot's angry, balked glare, as if he'd just been told he needed a dental extraction. It's all rather light hearted and not to be taken seriously.

Denholm Elliott plays a suave Englishman who is smitten with a married woman Hazen Court. Apparently, she has given him the idea that the two of them should be together forever and that means her husband has to go.

Elliott makes sure that his demise is swift and after he informs Ms. Court of his dastardly deal, she agrees to alibi him when the police Scotland Yard arrive. After crying some crocodile tears when she is informed of her husband's death, dim-witted Hazel quickly changes her demeanor and starts bugging the inspectors about an expensive crocodile case that was left in her late husband's car.

It seems Hazel is far more concerned with that piece of luggage than her own husband being brutally murdered. Naturally the police take serious note of all this.

To make matters worse, even after their initial investigation alfred hitchcock iphone case dropped, Hazel keeps calling up the boys at Scotland Yard to find out if they ever located her precious crocodile case. When Mr. Elliott finds out that she's still hounding the police and "keeping the 'case' open," he blows his top. Soon the two lovers go their separate ways, but not for long. Scotland Yard begins to put the pieces together thanks to Hazel's persistent alfred hitchcock iphone case and Elliott is called in when they "find the case.

After Elliott is caught red-handed, host Hitchcock returns for his final comments and informs the audience that dingbat Hazel has also been arrested as an accessory to murder, alfred hitchcock iphone case.

This isn't one of the better episodes of the half-hour shows, but at least viewers get to see a young Denholm Elliott and classy Hazel Court.

Elliott is more familiar to latter-day audiences as the butler in "Trading Places" and as a regular in the "Indiana Jones" series. Court did her best work in the s and s where her brilliant red hair made her a standout in the made-in-England Hammer Studio films. Patricia Hitchcock Alfred's daughter also makes a brief appearance as a disapproving friend of Hazel's who suspects something is amiss with the unfolding scenario.

Her instincts are correct, alfred hitchcock iphone case. It's at the Charndry residence that Jack breaks the good news to Phyllis whom he's secretly having an alfred hitchcock iphone case that the old man is no longer around and the two can soon marry. At first shocked about the news Phyllis is soon very concerned when the police in the person of inspector Karslak, Jack Alderson, show up with not only the news of her husbands murder but that her prized crocodile, alfred hitchcock iphone case, that Arthur was holding for her, suitcase is also missing.

Obsessed in getting her crocodile suitcase back Phyllis has the police go into overdrive in tracking it down which in the end turned out to be disastrous for both her and Jack. In ways the two never expected, but should have known better, to happen! If he only kept his mouth shut he as well as Phyllis, who was an accessory to the cover up of her husband Arthur's murder, would have gotten away Scot-free with the crime.

But in Jack in trying to cover all the bases he had uncovered a clue, that the police set up for him, that eventually ended up sinking both him and Phyllis.

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The following is a list of episodes from the – television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the – The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. ALFRED HITCHCOCK iPhone 6/6S Case is designed by Alexandro and printed in U.S. Available in many colors and sizes. Shipped in days. Buy this item at Customon - Custom t 5/5(5). 45 rows · Alfred Hitchcock regularly made cameo appearances in his films. However, only once did .