Amazon Account Without a Credit Card?


amazon kindle apps without credit card

It wants an account with credit card on file for ordering on the Kindle, even if the price of what you are purchasing is Zero. If you download a free app, your credit card will not be charged. Amazon is a trustworthy vendor. Just give them your credit card number to put on file for if you do make an actual Kindle purchase. Found a Fire or Kindle; Report Your Amazon Device as Lost or Stolen; Sell Your Apps on Amazon; Amazon Payment Products. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards; Store Card; Amazon Business Card; Corporate Credit Line; Shop with Points; Credit Card Marketplace; Reload Your Balance; Amazon Currency Converter;. Amazon Appstore purchases require either a 1-Click payment method, Gift Card funds, or enough Amazon Coins to cover the entire purchase amount (including any applicable tax). For more information, go to About 1-Click Ordering. Help: Purchase & Install an App

I have been downloading Kindle books for quite a amazon kindle apps without credit card, always the free ones. Is there a way to do this without using a credit card? Any ideas?

Thanks again for your great website and for all the suggestions and hints you give us. While I am sure there are other ways to do this, three ways I can think off the top of my head to get an Amazon gift card without using an existing credit card:.

Assuming you tried one of the three methods above, you would then go online to the Amazon store, login to the My Account section, and apply the gift card code and funds to your Amazon account — all without having to whip out a credit card. Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your e-Ink Kindle vs. Try out the free two-week trial subscription! I no longer have a credit card as I closed all the accounts as I paid them off, amazon kindle apps without credit card.

However, I do have a check card debit card from my bank and Amazon does accept that as payment for anything I purchase. You can buy Amazon gift cards on eBay. My bro had a similar issue. Some credit cards offer a virtual number — that is, you can create a virtual credit card as an offshoot from your own, and put any amount of money on it. It can only be used by a single vendor, and again, only to the extent you pre-loaded it.

For my brother, I generated a virtual card with a max 1 cent on it. If you know someone who has such a card google virtual credit card to know which banks offer ityou can ask them to do the same. If not, as long as your credit allows for it, you can apply for such a card, and never actually use it.

I use gift cards on amazon all the time, but in order to use them it says I must have an active credit or debit card. Besides the three options you offered and the above option of a debit card, I think amazon kindle apps without credit card may be the only way around it, amazon kindle apps without credit card.

I ask for Amazon gift cards all the time and always keep a balance on my account. Buying them at a store is way more common than you think now. I do 3rd-party marketing in all kinds of retail stores and every single one of them sells Amazon gift cards of all kinds of denominations and even cards that you can put your own amount on.

So, who writes all of these posts to the blog? The Kindle Books and Tips blog has a simple purpose: to provide an interactive blog where you will receive tips to maximize your Kindle experience. While I am sure there are other ways to do this, three ways I can think off the top of my head to get an Amazon gift card without using an existing credit card: Have someone give you an Amazon gift card. Most amazon kindle apps without credit card grocery stores and other large retailers have a gift card display, where you can purchase gift cards not only to that store but to the big box retailers and online retailers such as Amazon and the iTunes store.

You could take cash to one of those stores and purchase an Amazon gift card in varying denominations. Can anyone think of another method? If so, please leave a comment in the comment field below. Hope that helps! Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. Comments I no longer have a credit card as I closed all the accounts as I paid them off. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Learn more about us here. Subscribe to get updates Email Address.

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Amazon Account But No Credit Card?


amazon kindle apps without credit card


Apr 12,  · Like I said I just want to download free apps and games on my kindle fire, but it says something about a one click payment. I don't have a credit card though. I am in the 6th grade I'm not dumb, but if there is a way I can download free apps without a credit card number and everything please explain it to me in a way I could Resolved. It is surprising there is no one to test whether a new kindle can work without ever connecting to the internet. BTW, it is likely that Amazon can track your Kindle activity even if you do not have an account, unless you turn off the WIFI, or use it only to connect with an off-line computer. – . Dec 26,  · I bought my mom a kindle fire HDX and we've been trying to figure out how to download apps. On the help menu it says that if you are a citizen of USA you don't need an Amazon gift card or a credit card to download FREE apps. But when we try to download one, it takes us to a screen that makes up put in billing info. This is really dudmens.gqers: 1.