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usb mass storage samsung galaxy ace 2

Apr 05,  · USB Mass Storage App for Samsung Galaxy Ace S Sometimes when we use a new custom rom, we might encounter a USB Mass Storage problem. As a result, the Mass Storage notification might not pop up and hence we can't access our SD Card. But fear not, for I have made a simple app to enable USB Mass Storage. Firstly, a rooted phone is a must. Jul 18,  · This video is about how to use usb mass storage mode in new android devices which have mtp connection as default phone used: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Link. How to change the USB connection options on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (Android) Steps to follow: 5. (Media Transfer Protocol) and UMS or MSC (USB Mass Storage) mode have similar functions that enable the transfer of files between two devices. Both will allow you to transfer files, pictures, videos, etc.

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Home Favorites Menu. Search titles only Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Useful Searches. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Android Forums. DRGovernor Lurker. Dec 15, 1 0 5. Hi guys, I hope this saves everyone else a lot of stress and time. SO connectivity sorted. The Android man goes orange and voila your computer should see your SD card as a drive also if you read about turning off "USB debugging" under - applications - development I could however copy files across via Bluetooth which does take a while.

A bit long winded but it took me a good day of internet searching and hairpulling to sort this out - so I hope I have saved someone else from that. Dec 10, 1 0 5. Lyta Newbie. Jun 9, 28 2 Where is this " pull down on the top menu " Located I want to connect my ace to the PC now, usb mass storage samsung galaxy ace 2 wont show up This is after I burned a another rom and added the Cynogen 7.

Aug 19, 1, Delhi. Some CM roms does not have a working usb storage mode Are you using the official version? That 'pull down menu' is just the pull down status bar notification menu, when you connect to pc a notification appears there and you have to click it to start the mass storage mode. Yep that worked I can now see whats on my phone from my PC " You learn something new everyday it seems Cheers.

Jul 15, 1 0 5. Do the following: 1. Unplug the USB cable 2. Apr 4, 4 0 25 looking in a house, usb mass storage samsung galaxy ace 2. Iv tryed Samsung Kies on my PC but that dunt work. I stuck and need help. Sep 10, 1 1 6. After spending several days searching the internet and downloading kies multiple times all with the same result, no usb connection, I tried this very simple solution, I sprayed my micro usb port on the phone with a compressed air can for several seconds then reconnected the usb wire to the phone and to my great satisfaction, the usb icon appeared in the upper left corner of the display.

I would highly recommend that this be tried first before going on to any of the other mentioned items. The micro usb connection plug is very small and it would not take much pocket crud to fowl it. Charlie Whisk likes this.

Aug 19, 5 0 Hi there, Thanks for all the advice. Which I can't do, as the PC doesn't think it's got anything connected to it. Kies won't see my phone, whether I've selected USB debugging or not. VERY frustrating! Where do I go wrong?? Please advise Oct 14, 1 0 5. All will be well after that it will show up in Windows Explorer. Fombel Lurker. Oct 26, 3 0 5. I am getting error 43 tried everything. Oct 30, 2 0 5. Charlie Whisk Lurker. Jan 12, 1 0 5.

I have read extensively here and elsewhere about how to solve the problems in this series of posts but still could not get my Galaxy Ace GT-S - the basic model to connect to a PC. But I now can! So my experiences might be useful to save the two days of agony and frustration that I had. And anyway this post may serve as a useful checklist for others of all the solutions I found the one that worked for me is at the end!

I did the following using two separate PCs Windows 7 and using two different data connector cables, one the original Samsung one, usb mass storage samsung galaxy ace 2, and also a brand new generic one: Installed and reinstalled Kies: the phone did not connect even though I have several times used the troubleshooting option there to re-install the driver for USB connection. Used both front and back Usb mass storage samsung galaxy ace 2 ports.

Took my phone battery out and replaced it. Unmounted and remounted the SD card Checked usb mass storage samsung galaxy ace 2 software updates on the phone. Mr Blobby Lurker. Feb 22, 1 0 5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I just had a couple of days having problems getting Kies to talk to an Ace, and thought I'd share the solution in addition to the lists above It is expecting to to talk to a If your PC is not using an address on this subnet, Kies will not talk to your mobile.

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usb mass storage samsung galaxy ace 2


Oct 20,  · If you use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone you might have had this issue. This is a common problem and several Samsung Galaxy phones seem to have USB connection problems. Sometimes the USB connection stops working and even rebooting the phone does not solve the problem. It is not a driver problem on the PC, nor some dust on the USB connector but really a . Feb 22,  · Tips USB not connecting - SOLUTION Samsung Galaxy ACE. Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by i did was plug it into my pc via usb lead,pull down on the top menu were you basically get the option to connect your ace as a mass storage device and bingo I plugged my phone into a laptop it was fine USB MASS Storaged worked i put some. Connect Android devices (from Android , Android ) like Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Nexus 5X, HTC One, Huawei Mate/Honor, Xiaomi Mi6, Mix, etc to PC with USB Mass Storage Mode/USB debugging for recovering deleted, lost or formatted photos, videos, music from these devices.